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今、今、まさにこの今 何かすりゃ変わるかもしれんやんけ
これだけ醜い世界だからこそ 見えるもの 感じること 伝えたいの
笑えないよ 笑いたいよ だからこそ

I want to see how beautiful the world can turn out
now, now, just right now, it might change if we do something
I want to keep living laughing even in this hideous world
I want to pass down what I see and feel from this hideous world
I can’t laugh, I want to laugh that’s why
umm, what was it…. %#)$(&@

- Radwimps「ジェ二ファー山田さん」 -
Posted on 12 April 2012, at 11.45pm, with 5 notes
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